The Safety In Identification

Being an avid road biker, and also a diabetic, I always equip my saddle bag or backpack with a few essentials; Fluids, wallet, phone, protein bars, and emergency sugar packs. I’ve always had a healthy fear of getting into an accident, or having a diabetic episode (Very low blood sugar levels in this case) and no one ever finding me, so keeping all of these items with me seems almost essential. But within the last year, and from running as well, I’ve noticed that sometimes bringing all of that stuff isn’t practical. Jumping on the bike and just going, or slipping on the Vibrams and running just isn’t as easy if you have to carry around all of that.

A few running/biking buddies had already been using the Road ID, so I thought I’d take a look. Needless to say, the price point for their ID bracelets are more reasonable than a smaller metal chain type in some cases, and the information you can keep on them is enough that it offers essential information, but enough to allow EMTs or others to identify you and take action. Mine has my name, DOB,  city, state, and zip, loved ones and doctor’s contact information, and of course, the fact that I’m a type 1 diabetic. They also offer Road IDs in several wrist models, as well as some in ankle, shoe, and dogtag form. They also offer a low profile dog collar tag for Fido, which allows more information, and costs less than the PetSmart tag I bought for my dog at $19.99 that is already broken.

I wouldn’t be anywhere without my Road ID. I wear it even when I’m not playing sports or participating in outdoor activities. Check them out if you’re in the same boat I am, of if you think that keeping identification readily available in case of emergency is a good idea. Road ID

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