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If you’ve lived in a bear cave with the Hip Hop Kids this past week, you might’ve missed the leaked announcement of the next-gen iPhone., a CNN for geeks, enthralled the Apple fanboy nation with the latest edition of the highly coveted iPhone series yesterday. Reportedly lost at a bar in Redwood City, Gizmodo broke coverage doing what they do best, a gadget review.


Though it may resemble the original iPhone at first glance, it looks as though Apple may have answered many recurring gripes from the growing number of users.

Along with a front facing camera (Chatroulette, here I come), the new iPhone seems to be sporting a higher resolution display and a larger camera lens.

The redesign itself has yet to be tested in the field; I will be curious to see how it survives the rounds users will put it through. I’ve seen instances of running, clubbing, toddler tantrums, and bathroom readings with these mini iPads. Hopefully, the new casing will endure the elements my original first gen iPhone could not.

So how did Gizmodo get their hands on this newest piece of tech porn?

Much like any American worker after a hard day’s grind, Gary Powell, an Apple software engineer,  left his cellular device at the bar after a few beers.

With the nation still feeling the wake of iPad madness, this new development out of Cupertino has certainly kept Apple in the headlines. I hope Steve Jobs is kind to Gary and his momentary lapse of contractual agreements. And on that note, I’m off to the local watering hole to research ‘upcoming emerging technology.’


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