Rapid Deployment Servers

rapid-deployment-servers1-800-HOSTING introduces a new product line of Rapid Deployment Servers.  About 30 dedicated server plans – racked and ready for fast deployment.  These are some of our most popular server configurations ready for limited customization to speed up the deployment process.  Select your operating system of choice and then add options for managed services, data backup, firewalls, control panels, as well as options for high-availability load balancing and database replication services, and more.

By limiting the base hardware configuration to pre-installed RAM and hard drives, we can now offer clients a much faster time from order to deployment without having to allocate components, de-rack servers, modify the configuration, re-rack the server and test.  And with about 30 server configurations available, clients will likely find a plan to meet their needs when they need it fast.  For those clients requiring a very specific configuration not found in the Rapid Deployment plans, the option to custom-configure a plan to their specific needs is available with our Dedicated Server and Managed Server plans.

Additionally, Rapid Deployment Server plans, just like all of our Dedicated Servers and Managed Servers, can be upgraded in the future with additional RAM or larger hard drives, and all with minimal downtime during non-peak traffic times – even Sunday morning at 3:00 AM if that best meets client’s requirements.

Jay – Sales

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