Apple’s new iPad

ipad_official“Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments on it.” – The Wall Street Journal

This long awaited tablet has been speculated since the first waves of netbooks swept the world in 2007, leaving Apple and their intrepid leader, Steve Jobs, with no answer to the mini notebook domination.

Today, Apple finally announced their answer to the netbook call, officially named The iPad.

The HardwareAlmost a Macbook
With an iPhone-esque interface, the iPad will sport the same look and feel as a flattened iPod Touch. At 9.7 inches and a familiar capacitive multi-touch screen, the overall viewing size is significantly smaller than the smallest Macbook, but noticeably larger than the iPhone. The silver finish bevel also mimics the iPhones, a mistake in my opinion. Be prepared to buff out scratches for the entire short life of your device.

Much like the iPhone/iPod Touch, screen orientation auto adjusts to portrait or horizontal using the built-in accelerometer. More of a 4:3 aspect ratio than 16:9, a widescreen would have been nice, but understandable for the various types of media it will be equipped to handle (pdfs, e-magazines, e-books, etc).

At 1.5 pounds and a half-inch thick, this tablet will be quite easy to carry. And with a battery life of 10 hours during constant use (says Apple), I feel this will be an appropriate hybrid for students and business people alike.

Apple touts that the 1GHz A4 chip will process HD video seamlessly. Okay, but 16gb, 32gb, and 64gb are the only options? This sounds very familiar. Apple has the capability of going bigger, but delaying the size bumps for a couple months to reignite interest in July Apple? Dirty. Very dirty. This won’t be replacing my iAnything anytime soon : \

Data – the iPhone pitfall
The 3G equipped models, have both 3g and WIFI, unlike their sans-3g counterparts. How much is connectivity worth to you? $15/ month for 250MB or $30/month for “unlimited” data via AT&T. The upside? No contracts. If you’ve sold your car and engagement ring to get your geek fix, you can cancel your service whenever you want – right after apologizing to the spouse and weeks on the couch.

The Software – An iPhone on steroids Vitamins
With a beefed up iTunes, browser, and OS, the iPad will be a middle-of-the-road device placed in between a full fledged notebook and the ultra portable iPhone. Even the Email adds a couple of neat features like message previews and pull-down menus.

The touch screen keyboard is almost life size, but only time will tell if it is tactile enough for the power users out there. The iPhone did a decent job with predictive type, but a real keyboard seems to be a deal breaker for most netbook users. Naturally, there will be a keyboard dock to add to your purchases during your next Apple store visit.

The Apps are really what makes this device robust. With plans to develop specifically for the iPad, this tablet will come to life because of the power of the people, not Apple. The original iPhone SDK has been expanded for tablet development and can even run current iPhone apps, though crudely expanded to fit.

Ebooks will continue to flood the market and has now entered the iTunes arena. iWork will be updated and designed specifically for tablature. Expect new versions of the entire suite to hit stores soon.


Things I would’ve liked to see:
- Front facing camera
- Smaller bezel
- Flash?!
- Multitasking
- Live music performance by The Roots featuring Steve Jobs

The iPad ships in 60 days for the WIFI only version, and 90 days for the WIFI/3g version.

Watch the official iPad video at (Notice how they use their index finger to hit the space bar. Weird)

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