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It’s been awhile since I posted. Part of the reason is because I made my trip to Maui and the rest is my catching up from being out of the office. Boy does work pile up when I’m gone!

But enough about work…

The trip to Maui was great! I took my friend Christina along with me and we both had a blast. We stayed at the Royal Lahaina Resort which was relaxing and accommodating. The beach access was simply amazing. If you’ve never been to the Kaanapali, I highly recommend it. The water was warm and calm for the most part. The Thursday we were there it was pretty windy and the ocean was pretty choppy, but we still got in the water.

I’m not much of a tourist so I didn’t really have any drive to do much of the touristy things. We spent most all of our time either on the beach or enjoying great food in the area. One day we did stop by the Jodo Mission Temple in Lahaina. The grounds are very well maintained and the Buddha is awe inspiring. The weather was perfect our entire stay. We only say a couple of 5 minute mist like sprinkles, the rest of the time it was a mid 80s with a light breeze and sunny or partly cloudy. Just perfect!

The only other tourist thing we did was take the road to Hana and visited some of the stops along the way. If you are not familiar with the road to Hana, it is a 52 mile stretch of road that has about 620 curves, 49 single lane bridges, and takes a couple hours each way (you can see more stats here.) We had upgraded to a convertible so the drive was just that much more amazing. We stopped at a couple water falls and a black sand beach. The sights were just breath taking. We also stopped by one of the banana bread stands, chatted with some locals, and munched on some fresh banana bread. I love how the people there are just so laid back. It’s a real and welcome contrast to the busy-always-on-the-go-need-it-now life here in Dallas/Fort Worth.

I came back from my trip feeling relaxed and a bit eager to go back to work. I’m happy to report that I will be returning there December of 2010. Christina and her boyfriend (both of whom are my best friends) have announced they will be getting married on Kaanapali then. I’m excited for their marriage and for the chance to go back to Maui.

I didn’t make it to see our customer in Hawaii. We were just to lazy to go island hopping. But, I spoke with him shortly after I got back and we will try to make plans on my next visit.

A big Mahalo to the company for sending me to Maui. Maui no ka oi!

Mark in Maui Jul 2009

Mark in Maui Jul 2009

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