Why My Blackberry is Cooler than Yours

Coming from the days of the RIM 850 “Brick” I’ve had a lot of experience with BlackBerry’s in both my personal life and work related roles. With the launch of the Pearl, which introduced BlackBerry to many consumers BlackBerry’s as personal devices, and from the competition from the iPhone, the evolution of the BlackBerry has progressed at a welcoming pace. Gone are the days of just email, calendar, and tasks. Now armed with GPS, faster data connections, and a much more brilliant display the newest generations of Blackberry’s are truly useful and well rounded devices. Connect them to the corporate Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) and they are an administrators’ dream compared to the open an insecure nature of other manufactures devices.

Here are my 5 top applications that I use on a daily basis for my BlackBerry 9000 (Bold):

1) Email

While this one used to be obvious, most smart phones today have decent email capabilities. With Exchange ActiveSync, push email is a reality for Windows Mobile and Apple’s iPhone. However, Blackberry does it better as what other phone lets you configure email filters, out of office replies, and manage multiple accounts so efficiently.

2) Blackberry Messenger

In the old days I used to message other blackberry users by their unique 8 character PIN. This was useful as you could tell if the message was delivered and also when it was read. More recently BlackBerry messenger has improved on this by tying this into a useful chat client. You can send text, files, pictures, voice notes, and location status, all to whoever you have on your Contact list. The messages are more secure, you can guarantee delivery, and bypass the SMS/MMS headache. We use this application extensively internally for escalations and group communications.

3) Viigo

Viigo is a great application that is basically an RSS reader, news, weather, sports, stocks, entertainment. One of the nice features is you can easily email the content/link to a user, post it to your twitter followers. While it does many things, it is an excellent client for reading RSS feeds and blog posts.

4) Beejive

I originally found this a few years ago when looking for a proper client to interface with our internal jabber server. There are many IM clients for the Blackberry, but beejive takes top honors in my book. The simplicity of setup, usage, and integration with alert profiles as it runs in the background can’t be beat. Looking at the feature list it seems I need to upgrade as it now supports group chat for jabber! Now I can chat with my guys all at once when I’m away from my terminal.

5) Facebook Application

I’ll admit it, I like facebook, and the current client for the Blackberry is top notch. Being able to upload photos, respond to messages, and set your status is quick and easy, as well as integrating with the a Blackberry alert profile. Become a fan of 1-800-HOSTING on facebook.

There are many other applications that I have found since the introduction of the Blackberry AppStore as well as others I have but use on a less regular basis. Pandora, Slacker radio, Shazam, UberTwitter, Google Maps, Telenav, and Mobile Admin. I’ve also finally setup tethering via blue tooth with my laptop so I have a data connection anywhere I have service.

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