New Laptop with Windows Vista

My birthday is a few weeks away and as gift to myself I bought a new laptop. My old dinosaur Compaq Presario is nearing extinction. I’ve had it for almost a decade and bought it for $2400 new. I have since done about $1000 in upgrades and repairs on it and it is starting to show signs of needing more. I looked into the cost of parts I’d need to get it back to 100% and it would cost me about $400+. As old as it is it is slow, lacks capacity, and can’t be upgraded beyond it’s current 2GB of RAM. With new laptops running at around $500 and being 3 times the speed and capacity of my current laptop, the decision was simple: buy a new one!

There are several significant changes to my new laptop that break from my traditions in computer purchases. The first of which is its dual core 2GHz AMD processor. I’ve always been an Intel fan, but seeing no significant need for Intel over AMD I switched to the dark-side.

The second break from tradition is its Windows Vista operating system. I’m still a huge fan of XP and the few workstations at home I have all run either XP or 2003. It usually takes me close to 5 years after a workstation OS’s release for me to jump on the bandwagon. I’m more apt to adopt new server OS’s but relearning a workstation is a serious pain.

This brings me to the real point of this blog. I realized I’m pretty far behind when it comes to knowledge of workstation OS’s. I’ve spent the past 5 years with my head buried in the sands of serverland. I’ve neglected userland quite a bit. So, this laptop will also serve as a learning platform for my continued education in workstation OS’s…. even though the first thing I did was set everything to look and act like windows classic environments. ;)

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