Why Managed Hosting

Web hosting certainly has gotten more affordable over the years, making the internet more profitable. Profitability provides the opportunity for increased content and functionality, making the end user’s experience more dynamic.

With all the additional content and functions, security threats are much greater. In 2008, Symantec detected 1,656,227 malicious code threats. This number is an astounding 60% of the approximately 2.6 million malicious code threats that Symantec has detected in total over time. Web based attacks are the primary source for these threats with most occurring through legitimate websites that have been compromised.

In addition to security issues, data loss is on the increase. This is primarily due to hardware malfunctions, power outages, corrupted software, and human error.

Why is Managed Hosting the right choice?

• SAS70 Type-II Certified Data Center
• Multiple Tier 1 carriers with BGP4 routing for always-on connectivity
• Diverse/redundant fault-tolerant power systems with diesel generator backup
• State-of-the-art environmental control systems with redundant cooling systems
• Technical expertise of support staff on-site 24/7/365
• Quad Strength Security services to protect your data & network environment

Managed hosting is a more efficient use of resources and actually reduces overhead costs associated with IT. Since finding and retaining good personnel is an expensive challenge, managed hosting can free up more of your time and money to do what you do best, not recruiting, training, and managing an IT staff.

With all the threats to your online business, security is critical. Managed hosting provides security updates and monitoring of the server for denial of service attacks and unauthorized access. In most cases, a managed hardware firewall is preferred to ensure maximum data security and compliance to PCI / DSS standards.

Having equipment on hand for immediate deployments means you can scale your business quickly and efficiently. When a new server is needed, where do you get it? How long does it take to deploy? Can it be done in a matter of hours, or does it take days to order it, have it delivered, and then deployed?

Connectivity and power are key issues. What happens if your connection or power goes down? Do you have a backup connections and power waiting to be switched to immediately?

Disaster recovery is paramount in running a web based business. Most companies do not prepare adequately with redundancy, high availability, and backups. Do you have the wherewithal to deploy new hardware and restore data if something catastrophic were to happen to your business?

It all comes down to economies of scale. Unless your business is running hundreds of servers, it is not cost effective nor practical to put the above systems in place for your installation. Research by Gartner and others shows that managed services can reduce the total cost of infrastructure ownership by as much as 60%

One of the biggest drawbacks to doing it yourself is simply a lack of experience. I am a great believer in paying someone to do what they do well, so that I can focus on what I do well. There is no need to go out and re-invent the wheel. Hire the experts to do it for you so that you can focus on what will make your business profitable and successful

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