Track Day!

Some of us are heading out on Monday May 4th to attend the 2nd annual track day (actually we skipped last year but 2 out of 3 still works). The track is Eagle Canyon just north of Dallas, we rented the entire track for all day and we have confirmed almost 15 cars. Here are a few of the confirmed rides; Ferrari F360, BMW M5, BMW M3, Mitsubishi EVO, Subaru WRX, Porsche GT3, Porsche Turbo, Porsche 911S, Miata, Mustang Cobra, Corvette, Aston Martin BD9, 67 Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S, Nissan GTR and several more. There are also going to be a group of bike riders so we can alternate sessions.

Straightaway is over 2,000 ft so top speeds are around 120mph for the faster cars. We do it right and we do it safe with EMT’s, helmets, car inspections, lots of rules, etc.. This all about having fun with a great bunch of people. Everybody is nice, friendly, professional, courteous and respectful.

I’ll post some videos and pictures next week post race so stand by.. I expect to chew about 30% of the tread from my tires.

Here is the track.

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  1. I even bought a car specifically for this event. Well no not really, but it sure provided a good excuse. I am hoping it will be prepared in time. Hopefully things go well or else our network operations team is going to be a bit short staffed!

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