Local Storage For Instance’s

April 9th, 2012

Instance.com is now offering local storage as an option for your instances. Selecting the local storage template and corresponding local storage plan will allow your instances to be run directly from the cloud nodes where they live. This allows for increased disk performance as well as an increase in the storage capacity (100GB) of the instances root disks. While you do receive the increased disk performance and storage features, high availability is not offered on these plans. However, you can make still make your applications redundant and scalable through use of the included load balancing features.

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Diabetes Research, For Shame.

March 6th, 2012

It’s hard to believe that in a world of nuclear energy, advanced biotechnology, and advancement in almost all other areas of science, that diabetes sufferers are still plagued with the same issues as when insulin was first synthesized for commercial use in the 1920’s. But here we are, in 2012, and we are struggling with limited understandings of all the working parts involved with diabetes control, and trying to find mechanical solutions to solve these problems. Sure, the technology has changed drastically since the 20’s. No longer do you have to sterilize in steam and sharpen large syringes by hand. You also probably won’t find a lot of diabetics complaining if they have an insulin pump, or 24 hour acting insulin such as Lantus, even if they do gripe about the aesthetic nature of wearing or using such gadgets. After almost 100 years of research and development however, you have to start asking yourself if we as a civilization are really getting anywhere with diabetes relief, especially with Type 1.

What brings this to mind is an article and video I recently came across on CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/04/health/artificial-pancreas/index.html In it, a 12 year old girl constantly fights the highs and lows characteristic of Type 1 diabetes management, and her wearing an artificial pancreas brings a short amount of relief until she has to leave the hospital, and the artificial pancreas behind, after the test trials end.

Pretty much everything within the apparatus is already in commercial use. The insulin pump, continuous blood glucose monitor, etc. The largest factor in bringing this all together is probably the computer program that decides when glucose is introduced, when insulin is, and how it all relates to the high or low blood sugar readings. In addition to the cumbersome nature of tabulating all of this information, the apparatus is as large as a fanny pack, and you have to be connected to the units for injecting insulin and glucose at all times.

I’m not saying that I expect an outright cure, not right now. What I do think is that the make-shift way we are dealing with Type 1 and even Type 2 diabetes as an epidemics is unacceptable. With the pool of resources most research organizations receive, a more thorough look into diabetes and its various working parts should be possible, and expected more rapidly. With President Obama’s efforts to combat cancer, there should also be more emphasis put on effective diabetes relief and prevention. If it’s a big pharma money issue, if you gave me the chance to pay a large sum of money to cure my diabetes, I’d sight on the dotted line. I think most diabetics would say the same.

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Hunter Man

October 28th, 2011

The smell of the outdoors to me is a mixture of dust, dried leaves, gun powder, all carried by the wind of the season. I’m what you might call a hunter.

Friends of mine wouldn’t hesitate to call me a barbarian for shooting little woodland creatures, riding 4-wheelers, drinking Coors Lite, and maybe dipping. But, they also don’t fully understand the closeness to nature that hunters feel; traversing the earth, observing animals and plants, being out in the woods when it rains. They don’t quite understand what it’s like to camp outside, look up into a pitch black sky scattered with twinkling little stars, and breathe in the majesty that is our universe. But I don’t hold ignorance against them. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors is soon made aware by spending a weekend in the blind with me that it’s a give and take relationship with nature, and often times it takes my breath away.

Hunting is an exercise in self-reliance and survival, as well as it is on conservation. Whereas hunting does take the lives of animals for food, for those who respect nature and the circle of life, it is also a way to help control over population, and to become aware of the systemic value of life-cycles, and the role we all play in maintaining our planet.

Trust me, hunting for Cheez-Its at the supermarket isn’t the same as hunting your own food. The value you place on what you’ve caught and killed, cleaned and eaten is a lot more substantial than what you put on your Skinny Cow cheese wheels and crackers. It delves into the meaning of life and death, of resourcefulness and respectfulness. That’s why I hunt, and I challenge you to try it once or twice to gain a better appreciation for gathering your own food.

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My Name Is: Consumer, and I’m an Android

October 28th, 2011

Recently I took the plunge and switched from the iPhone to the Android platform. The acclimation was a bit rough, slightly exhilarating, but ultimately rewarding.

I decided on the HTC Inspire because it was still about a month out for the Galaxy 2 release. Though at times I regret being hasty, because the Galaxy 2 is far better technology, I still am pretty darn happy with my Inspire.

Cases are easy to find, the interface is very technically oriented, so there is a lot you can do with it, and it is also largely intuitive. Setting up tethering was easy, adding music and images for things like ringtones and backgrounds is a breeze. I don’t even really miss the iPhone centric apps.

So far the Android platform and phones have been a pretty sweet experience to explore. Not that I don’t love the iPhone 4S that just came out, but I’ll leave the locked down interface and user friendly operating systems to my wife, who doesn’t like getting into the nitty gritty of devices.

I’m a happy Android user, and look forward to the technology advancing with time.

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Social Networking and Your Blog

October 25th, 2011

Some of you may know I love food, and in my effort to both learn more about social networking, wordpress architecture, cloud computing, and search engine optimization I decided to create a blog devoted to my adventures in seeking out the best places to eat around.

Creating a blog is easy, though customizing it for your use is can be challenging unless you take advantage of the work of others with the thousands of free themes, plugins, widgets, and other tools that are available to streamline the customization you wish to add. Here we will discuss how to tie your Facebook fan page into your word press blog so you can share information between the two seamlessly and promote traffic to your site.

There are many word press to Facebook plugins, but the one I chose was Add Link To Facebook. This allows me to publish articles composed on the site to the Facebook Page I have setup for the blog and share the comments and likes between the two. It was rather simple to setup and configure as I already had a Facebook developer account which was required to create the Facebook application needed to bridge the two together. The instructions were super simple and I was up and running in no time.


If you have a blog and a Facebook Page I highly recommend you integrate the two to steam line the content management between the two.



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